rePod | Fairphone
rePod is proud to work for Fairphone as their European repair center. Our enthousiastic repair team makes sure that Fairphones are brought back in perfect condition for those unlucky ones that break their phone, or phones that show a factory defect. And all of this is done with the same mindset Fairphone has  set out for this great initiative.

The Fairphone came into life as a crowdfunding project to create an honest smartphone. The phone itself is made using materials from a completely transparent supply chain – Fairphone is looking at the provenance of each mineral used to make each component, the people who build each part and the processes evolved and their social and ecological impact, and makes all of that information available to buyers and the general public.

If you want to learn more about Fairphone please have a good read on the Fairphone website . There is an exciting new phone underway and we are really enthousiastic about it!